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Tsarine’s Pop-Art Russian Dolls for Christmas ’21

Reims, November 2021

Eyes hidden behind their sunglasses like film stars, Tsarine’s Russian dolls for 2021 have arrived for the holidays with their flashy dresses and inimitable silhouette.

The 2021 design is resolutely contemporary, inspired by Pop Art. With their playful motifs in lively, bracing colors, these “new look” dolls will make fresh, fanciful holiday table decorations. And they’re sure to be found under many a Christmas tree and in Santa’s sack of gifts.

The Russian Doll packaging for champagne bottles is an original idea of Tsarine’s, inaugurated in 2009 and now a tradition that’s eagerly followed by champagne lovers and collectors alike.

These matryoshka are a nod to Tsarine’s Russian inspiration and to the history of the House, which has been present in Russia since the 18th century, in the time of Tsarinas Elisabeth Petrovna and Catherine the Great.

The limited-edition Russian Doll packaging is available this year in the colors of four champagnes: Tsarine Cuvée Premium Brut, Tsarine Rosé Brut, Tsarine Millésime 2016 Brut and Tsarine Demi-Sec. Each package has its dominant color — respectively red, pink, blue and green. And each doll has her own face and personality... and her own pair of sunglasses!

You now have four original ideas for gifts — for a friend, a loved one... or for yourself! — to give, to savor, and to collect.

The Tsarine Russian Dolls for 2021 are available now at your favorite store!

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