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Tsarine Sets Out to Conquer Mexico

Reims, September 2022

Champagne Tsarine is taking up residence in Mexico in partnership with Bodegas Alianza, a specialized chain of 130 stores offering wines and spirits from around the world.

As of a few weeks ago, Bodegas Alianza’s sales outlets, located principally in the city of Mexico and in the State of Mexico, and its online store offer no fewer than five Tsarine cuvées.

Mexican consumers – Latin America’s leading champagne purchasers – will now be able to enjoy Tsarine Premium Brut, Tsarine Rosé Brut, Tsarine Demi-Sec, Tsarine Blanc de Blancs and the cuvée de prestige Tsarine by Adriana.

Mexicans are turning more and more to champagne as their festive beverage, doubling their consumption in ten years. They are fond of brut, but also rosé and demi-sec champagnes.

Congratulations to Alianza, now celebrating 75 years of history – an anniversary that coincides with the launch of Tsarine champagnes in their stores in Mexico!

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