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Tsarine Wins First Prize in the Trophées de la Communication 2021 Competition

Reims, December 2021

Tsarine’s Elegance On Display

The Tsarine Champagnes campaign has just been voted best advertising campaign of 2021 at the 20th Trophées de la Communication.

The campaign, which includes four visuals, highlights two Tsarine champagnes — the House’s emblematic Premium Brut and Brut Rosé, a champagne that has won 48 awards and distinctions in France and internationally since its launch.

This new campaign, the work of the Horizon Bleu agency in Reims, was created at the behest of Franck Coste, CEO of the House of Chanoine Frères 1730, who wanted to renew the expression of Tsarine’s positioning as one of France’s most dynamic brands.

Stéphanie Courzadet, in charge of marketing and communication, says: “inspired by Tsarine’s unique fluted bottle, these visuals express the elegance and movement of the dance. The tulle evokes both the lightness and the beauty of dance.

For each champagne, we decided to create two visuals that complement each other. The first one highlights the bottle, while the second puts the emphasis on the label and the movement of the lines of the fluting.”

The Tsarine promotional campaign is visible throughout France on digital posters and in the magazine press

Backlit display for Tsarine Cuvée Premium

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